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a novel by ARTHUR DARK

ages 9+


Zombie Junior



Zombie Junior Kindle

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first chapter!

Arthur Dark

Arthur Dark is the seventh of six children.  He was born in a hospital, much like the one you were born in.  He was raised in a town, much like the one you were raised in.  He died in... well, let's not get ahead of ourselves...

He may or may not be a zombie, as he does spend an inordinate amount of time in graveyards, telling stories, making music, and eating plums.

Artur Dark

The Music of Zombie Junior

The 13 Frights of Halloween

Sing-along Video

The 13 Frights of Halloween
13 Frights of Halloween Song

Sheet Music: $2.99

(piano & voice)

Zombie Junior Music

Sheet Music: $2.99

(piano solo)

Halloween Music

Cover Art by Gris Grimly

Zombie Junior Art by Gris Grimly

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